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GST Intelligent Reflective Beam Detector

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I-9105R Intelligent Reflective Beam detector is addressable reflective infrared beam smoke detector that can be used as Addressable or Conventional. With excellent built-in microprocessor, the detector can carry out system adjustment, drift compensation of ambient data, and judgment of fire and fault through fixed algorithm. The sensitivity of the detector can be set through hand held programmer in field, to suit different application conditions. The detector is suitable to historical buildings, warehouses, large storages, shopping malls, leisure centers, exhibition halls, hotel lobbies, printing houses, clothing factories, museums and prisons. 4 reflector plates are provided in same package. Usually 1 piece is enough for distance less than 40 meters, and 4 pieces are prepared for long distance up to 100 meters.

  • Wide operating voltage range, large monitoring areas
  • Combination of the emitting and receiving part makes mounting easy and optical pathway accurate
  • Built-in microprocessor enables intelligent judgment about fire alarm and fault
  • The detector can calibrate easily, which ensures a single person complete adjustment in short time. It’s also convenient to operate
  • Self-diagnostic function can monitor the internal fault
  • Drift compensation for factors changing, such as a certain of dust accumulation, positional excursion and ageing transmitter
  • Electronically addressed by programmer
  • Two sensitivity levels can be set in field
  • Attractive and decent appearance