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MK Fireman Switch

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MK Fireman Switch – provides protection against the hazards and accidents associated with electrical leakages during a fire mishap in a building.

Without the protection from a fireman switch to cut off or isolate the power supply in a fire mishap, firefighters who try to put out the fire by means of water hose are pitted against the risks of electrocution caused by live electrical power supply running wild through water conductivity.

The forms of protection that MK fireman switch offers:

• Neon Signboards – These switches are used to interrupt the power supplies to the neon signboards for shops. Neon signboards use high voltage electric currents. The fireman brigade, can activate the fireman switches to avoid any additional fires and prevent electrocution.
• Electrical Power – These switches are used to cut off the electrical power supply to a whole floor or an entire building.