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TANDA TX7130 Conventional Reflective Beam Detector

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TANDA TX7130 Conventional Reflective Beam Detector has built in laser beam pointing and digital guide display for real user friendly alignment method. TX7130 works on the principle of reflective infrared beam obscuration. Used in conjunction with a reflector, it will notify the fire alarm panel when the infrared beam is obscured by smoke. The detector is ideal for use high ceiling and wide areas such as warehouses, large storages, shopping malls, leisure centers, exhibition halls, hotel lobbies, printing houses, garment factories, museums and prisons, as well as places where slight smoke particles or corrosive gas exist.

Operating Voltage                                           20 V to 28 V DC

Current Parameters                                       Standby:23mA                  Commission:56mA          Alarm:33mA

Beam Path Angle                                             ±0.5º Directional

Alignment Guide                                             Laser Beam Pointer

Digital Display Guide                                      Nixie Tube

LED Indicator Guide                                      Red: Fire;  Yellow: Fault; Green: Alignment

Reset Time                                                        Less than 2 Second (Power Cut)

Relay Capacity [Fire & Fault]                        Normally Open/ 2.0 A; 30 VDC

Material / Colour                                             ABS / White

Dimension / Weight                                        190.87mm(L) x 126.87mm(W) x 91.96 mmH) / 440 gm

Weight                                                                0.130 Kg with base