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VIC Upright Sprinkler

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VIC003 and VIC004 Upright Sprinklers are designed for use in automatic sprinkler systems designed per the installation standard (NFPA13). The temperature response is standard response (5mm bulb) and fast response (3mm bulb). The sprinklers feature compact design, different finishes and temperature ratings. The sprinklers body is made of brass die-casting alloy (DZR). The spring seat consists of a springe washer, coated on both sides, and applied with Teflon tape.

K Factor gpm/(psi)1/2 (L3/min(bar)1/2)                            5.6 (80)

Nominal Thread Size                                                       ½” NPT and ½” BSPT

Max Working Pressure                                                  175 PSI (12bar)

Factory Testing Pressure                                               500 PSI (35bar)

Min. Operating Pressure                                               7 PSI (0.5bar)

Finish                                                                                 Brass or Chrome Plated or White Plated Available

Temperature Rating                                                      135°F(57°C) / 155°F(68°C) / 175°F(79°C) / 200°F(93°C) / 286°F(141°C)