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Break Glass Fire Alarm and Manual Call Points

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Break Glass Fire Alarm Call Point in Malaysia

VIC Engineering is the leading break glass fire alarm provider in Malaysia. With our experienced team of professionals, our mission is to provide reliable fire alarm call points that ensure prompt response times for any emergency situation.

Frequently Asked Questions on Break Glass Fire Alarm and Manual Call Points

What is the height of a manual call point installation?

In Malaysia, it is common to install manual call points at a height of 1.4 to 1.7 meters above the floor level. This height ensures that the call point is easily accessible to occupants in case of an emergency while also preventing tampering by children.

What is the minimum distance for a manual call point?

The general recommendation for the spacing of manual call points is that they should be located at a maximum interval of 30 meters. This means that in any given area, there should be a manual call point within 30 meters of travel distance.

How to use a manual call point?

Here are the general steps to use a manual call point:

  1. Locate the manual call point.
  2. Break the protective glass.
  3. Activate the call point.
  4. Trigger the alarm system.
  5. Inform authorities.

How to reset a break glass fire alarm?

Resetting a break glass fire alarm involves restoring the manual call point to its normal operational state after it has been activated. Here are how to reset it:

  1. Ensure the fire alarm system is safe.
  2. Identify the reset mechanism.
  3. Access the reset mechanism.
  4. Reset the call point.
  5. Verify system operation.

When should a manual call point be activated?

A manual call point, also known as a fire alarm call point or break glass unit, should be activated in genuine emergency situations where there is a fire or immediate danger that requires the evacuation of the building

What happens when a manual call point is activated?

When someone activates a manual call point, their action sends a signal to the fire alarm control panel, which is the central hub of the fire alarm system. The control panel receives the signal and initiates the appropriate response, which may include:

  1. Sounding the fire alarm.
  2. Activating visual alerts.
  3. Notifying the monitoring station.
  4. Initiating emergency response protocols.