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ABB Surge Arrestor Device

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ABB Surge Arrestor Device, OVR, range is designed to prevent electrical systems and equipment against transitory surges and impulses caused by lightning and operations on the electrical grid. The device discharges the surge coming from lightning events (direct & indirect impacts) or from switching operations. It limits the peak of voltage to an acceptable level for the end equipment. With this device, it could help increase the quality of service and equipment lifespan.

Nominal AC Voltage of the System (Uo)                         : 277 V

Number of Protected Poles                                                 : 1

Arrester Class                                                                        : II

Discharge Current                                                               : Nominal 5 kA , Maximum 15 kA

Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage (Uc)            : 277 V AC

Voltage Rating DC                                                               :420 V

Voltage Protection Level ( Up)                                          : (N-PE) 1 kV

Short Circuit Withstand Icc                                               : 200 kA

Suitable For                                                                          : To protect the systems against the transient overvoltage (lightning)