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ASENWARE Explosion-Proof Safety Barrier

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ASENWARE Explosion-Proof Safety Barrier, AW-D137EX type explosion-proof safety barrier works normally in the electrical equipment system under normal conditions. When the system fails, it can limit the energy that penetrates into the system within a safe value. This product can be used with various fire detection equipment.

Work Voltage DC24V
Maximum Open Circuit Voltage UO<27V
Maximum Short Circuit Current IO≤100mA
Atmospheric Pressure 80kPa~110kPa
Ex-Atex Protection Level Exd[ib] Ⅱ CT6
Mating Host AW-CFP2166 fire alarm control panel
Outlet Thread G20
Environmental Temperature range: -20 to 50°C

Humidity: 5 to 95% RH, non-condensing

Weight 1.2 Kg±