E2S Explosion Proof Manual Call Point

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STExCP8-BG break glass manual call point is flameproof with a 316L stainless steel enclosure, is designed for the harshest of environments. Approved for Zone 1 & 2 hazardous areas for fire and gas alarm systems, ESD and process control.

Available with standard DIN rail terminals or the innovative E2S termination board providing dedicated connections for field installed EOL and/or series devices. The break glass element features a safety membrane and is designed to snap ensuring the no glass fragments are released during activation. A hammer is available as an accessory if required by local code. SIL 2 compliant to IEC 61508 (2010). DNV type approved for exposed locations.

Double terminal wire connectors for independent input and output connections which facilitate installations when used in looping

Provision of thread protection plugs which protect the thread of the brass inserts on the base box when conceal fixing is necessary

Incorporation of the manually operated test push button which permits the front cover to be opened without activating the alarm