Kentec Sigma A-XT

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KENTEC Sigma A-XT releasing panel offers outstanding value and performance for all small to medium fixed firefighting installations. With three initiation circuits as standard, release can be configured to activate from any combination of detection zone inputs to allow (among other combinations) any two from three types of activation.

Construction                                                      1.2mm mild sheet steel

IP rating                                                              IP30

Finish                                                                   Epoxy powder coated

Colour- lid & box                                              Red RAL 3002 (optional grey BS 00 A 05 semi-matt)

Mains supply                                                     230V AC or 115V AC

Mains supply fuse                                             1.6Amp (FL.6A L250V)

Power supply rating                                        3 Amps total including battery charge 28V +/- 2V

Maximum ripple current                               200 millivolts

Battery Type (Yuasa NP)                                Two 12 Volt 7Ah sealed lead acid in series

Battery charge voltage                                    27.6VDC nominal (temperature compensated)

Battery charge current                                   0.7A maximum

Battery fuse                                                       20mm, 3.15A glass