Program PE-GRP 200/400

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Program PE-GRP 200/400 series is a Gas Releasing Control Panel with a micro processor programmable user friendly control panel with a digital ammeter, voltmeter and a countdown timer displayed on the front panel. Count down timer is pre-set for 30 seconds upon two (2) activated zone. Timer can be program to required specification.


  • Power Source Indicators
  • Power Failure Indicators
  • Zone Fire, Fault and Isolate Indicators
  • Bell Isolate Switch and Indicator
  • Gas Isolate Switch and Indicator
  • Fault Buzzer Mute Switch
  • Master Reset Switch
  • Test Lamp Switch
  • Test Battery Switch
  • Earth Fault Supervisory
  • Built-in Delay Discharge Timer (Programmable)


  • GAS Abort Function (Optional)
  • Digital Voltmeter & Ammeter
  • Intelligent Battery Charger
  • Digital Countdown Timer
  • Common Fault Contact
  • Low Pressure Indicator