System Sensor Alarm Bell

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System Sensor’s SSM / SSV Series and SSL24-6 Alarm Bells are low current, high decibel notification appliances for use in fire and burglary systems or other signaling applications. The Alarm Bells provide loud resonant tones. The SSM series (SSL24-6) operates on 12 / 24VDC (24VDC ) and are motor driven, while the SSV series operates on 120VAC utilizing a vibrating mechanism. The alarm bell is polarized for use with supervision circuitry and have under dome strikers & operating mechanisms. The diameter of the product shall be no smaller than nominal 6′′(152mm). The bells can make large resonant sound.

Approved for indoor and outdoor use

Low current draw

High dB output

Available in six-inch, eight-inch, and ten-inch sizes

AC and DC models

Reliable performance and simplified installation