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DI-9102E Intelligent Photoelectric Smoke Detector

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The optical detector is designed based on light scattering technology with high performance chamber, suitable for detecting slow burning or smoldering fires. 2 sensitivity levels can be set.

DI-91xxE series intelligent detectors adopt the latest digital loop protocol, compatible with GST intelligent fire alarm control panels. With digital communication, the detectors can raise fast alarm signal within 1 second, and much more control can be processed.

The detectors can be installed onto the common detector base DB-01.

A remote indicator C-9314P can be connected to each detector.

  • Electrically addressed, can be modified by programmer
  • Strong environmental adaptability due to drift compensation
  • Self-diagnostic
  • Reed switch test
  • Fire LED allows 360° viewing
  • LED indication for normal status can be turned off by handheld programmer