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Thermac Heat Detector Model 1000

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The Thermac Detector is a heat sensitive electrical switch. It is a fixed temperature device with a factory pre-set temperature in the range 60 oC to 240 oC.

The detector comprises a pair of normally open electrical contacts mounted within a stainless steel probe. A rise in temperature will cause the contacts to close at the set point temperature. With a drop in temperature the procedure reverses and the contacts re-open below the set point temperature.

The detector body is a seamless one-piece unit, precision machined from AISI 316 stainless steel with high corrosion resistance. Electrical contacts are gold/silver plated and lead cables are nickel plated copper with PTFE/glass insulation. Cables are to aircraft engine specification.

The operating parts are factory calibrated and sealed against severe environmental conditions, further adjustment or calibration is
not required.

  • Resetting type heat detector
  • Rate compensation & fast response
  • Wide temperature range
  • Gold plated electrical contacts
  • Corrosion & shcok resistant
  • Single mounting thread – Model 1000 – 1 Metric M20
  • Dual mounting thread- Model 1000 – 2 Metric M20 & 1⁄2”NPT
  • Intrinsically safe: Classed as a simple apparatus and installed with a suitable I.S. barrier